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Interior living room design

Beautiful living rooms on Luxury Antonovich Design is an expressive and unique image of modern luxury. Designers create new interpretations of modern classics in the interior.In this villa project, the living room reflects the new palace luxury. In the large villas, the interior of a main living room occupies the central part of the house and the entire height of the building. Such option Katrina Antonovich offered in this villa project . The stunning beauty of huge living room takes height space of all three floors of the villa. Because of the large area of the interior, harmoniously and naturally looks the large crystal chandelier. The upper balustrade glass complemented by gilded forged elements. In general wall decor is quite simple. This technique allows to highlighting a bright decor. The walls are covered with decorative plaster cream color with a matte effect. Interior designers were able to realize many dreams of the owners. One of them was the magnificent fountain at the center of the living room. The fountain is surrounded by the exquisite carved patterns on the marble floor and green plants. On the comfortable sofas and chairs can accommodate a large number of guests. Interior designer uses a traditional example of symmetry in the arrangement of furniture. Mirror panels with openwork patterns made of brass has exquisite look in the walls decoration. living room decorating ideas impress with their unique beauty. There is nothing extra every detail in place, each curl pattern - is part of the overall picture of luxury.

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