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    Business bay, Dubai
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Exterior Design of the Villa

The exterior design of the villa gives the building aesthetically perfect and expressive look. Interior Designers Dubai of Luxury Antonovich Design studio harmoniously combine silhouette of the building, its general shape, the texture of the walls, architectural elements and color scheme. Every piece, every detail of the building exterior carries information and material aesthetic. As building appearance in the first place emphasizes the respectability of home owners and their wonderful taste. Also, the house exterior design is closely related to landscape design. Architects and designers filled every phase of the work with the special meaning. And the exterior design is no less luxury than interior design. Architects and designers took care of the right emotional impact. Refined house exterior has an elegant image. Three-dimensional spatial forms through the perception have effects on a person, giving wonderful emotions from the contemplation of the beauty of the building. Accurate edges of the house facade allows clearly identify the shape and curved line, which the view slides on, create wholeness and continuity of the image. Multigabled roof of light gray hues gives the image of the building lightness and high windows with light walls visually lengthen the form and make the image of the building even more graceful. The house exterior design studio by the studio Luxury Antonovich Design perfectly reflects fashion trends in design and architecture. Time proved classics remains at the peak of popularity. The harmonious image of luxury house will delight more than one generation of the family.

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