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Modern bungalow house plans

Modern House Plans

Surprisingly, the world of Modern House design is orientated more the modern side of the variety these days. The modern Houses has come a long way from a trendy style which is usually composed of cold scheme design associated with the appearance of making way for a much more functional art that demonstrates a warmth and cosiness without adding up congested materials. Modern House Plans has been created expanded spaces are more about the shades on the walls, the surfaces on the furniture and the stimulating mix of premium class materials.

On this Modern Style House, We have absolutely implemented the main importance of the perfect selection of Concrete and Premium materials from the very first steps of the construction up to the final finishing and touches. As our Team strongly believes that the perfect foundation of every Project is always depending on the how it is able to complete the project and ground works of the establishment. Indeed, the Planning of this House came from very distinctive and systematic developments. With help of a very precise conversation and sets of meeting, discussion with the Project owner, everything has been come up very successfully and effectively. The elevation of this house has an obviously symmetrical when it comes to all the Exterior Shapes, Schemes, Balance Size of the Windows, Main Doors other Materials. We have selected matching neutral colors to stay intact on its Modern Design Concept. A premium class of Glass has been installed for the huge size windows and balconies. The Main Entrance of the House has been designed by a very trendy style of hardwood Doors. Since that this Modern House Design has a very spacious Landscape area in the front of the House, We have created a very nice Landscape design, Completed with a full green grass and a magnificent fountain in the middle. Selective Local plants have been installed in several areas, and we have managed to provide a very spacious Car parking on the other side of the front Landscape area.

In this Modern Day of Living, isn’t it very nice to come home to a Luxurious Modern Style House that you can call your own? After a very long day of work or any lifestyle activity, it was such a great achievement to relax with a very nice and Modern Style House. Our Goal is to make every client dream to become a reality. It is really nice to work with passion at the same time creating art in every project that we are developing. Luxury Antonovich Design is not only Architectural and Interior Design Company that will work out for the benefit of the job but also your official partner in every success and achievement throughout every client for the Best Modern House.

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