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Exterior Villa in Dubai

Luxury Antonovich Design Studio, presents a one story house plan amongst much more in their portfolio, this was created for a family based on their traditions and respectable image. Our customers drew their dream house plans outlining that they wanted to achieve a family nest, which would delight more than one generation of the family. We offered to get acquainted with our implemented projects and looked at their beautiful ideas. 

This helped to determine the preferences, style, layout and architectural features that they wanted to obtain. We then elaborated on their requirements and began to plan out a house plan, which made them particularly impressed. Leading on from great feedback, we then developed a stunning and unique design for modern living.

These are story house plans, which will go down in the history of architecture and design. The house plan includes a detailed visualization, i.e. our customers get house plans with photos of both exterior and interior. The services offered include home interior design, exterior design, and landscape design. And to make our customers feel very comfortable, we also offer direct deliveries of furniture and materials from manufacturers.

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