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Modern Classic Interior Villas

Home designing by Luxury Antonovich Design reflects modern trends in interior design. Traditional classic style acquires intellectual comfort. Modern technologies that designers take into account in their work fill villas and apartments with additional comfortable life details. In this project, you can see the charm of royal luxury with a French style. The house meets with a spacious hall with marble floors, graceful columns, and a magnificent staircase. In this part of the house, an excellent range of cream-colored shades dominates. It is complemented by bright accents such as a massive crystal chandelier and ornate carvings on the marble floor. This is a perfect example of elegance with a touch of aristocracy and a slight touch of festive solemnity. A cozy living room succinctly continues the hall interior with a brilliant character. And luxurious story opens in full in this space. The rich stucco decoration on the ceiling plays light under elegant crystal chandeliers. A soft light, which outlines the niche inside, makes the ceiling decor more expressive. Boiserie is filled, as in the hall with a decorative creamy plaster, on the background of which looks pictures and stucco with gilding look very bright. Bright living room interior is based on textile design solutions. The windows are decorated with curtains of noble silk in a lilac hue. The same colors of furniture upholstery fill the interior with an absolute harmony.

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