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Villas Interior Design in Dubai

Modern house designs by Luxury Antonovich Design is the infinity of unique design ideas. The studio clients get ideal options for home interiors, which fully correspond to all wishes, reflect their characters, excellent taste, and a high status. Modern house designs are multifaceted concepts, which include all aspects of comfortable housing. Each home design begins with a beautiful hall, which sets the style for other rooms. In this project, the hall impresses with a scale of great ideas. The first fiddle in this orchestra is a luxury double stairs portal. Ideal proportions and graceful curves of the marble staircase are complemented by a delightful forged balustrade with abstract patterns. Gilding balustrade is similar to exquisite bas-reliefs, which extend to the full height of the walls. In this part, there is a specular reflection effect of decorative elements. And this design method gives a sense of infinity, beauty, and luxury. The marble floor in the center is decorated with a large ornament and onyx inlay, which is illuminated from the inside. The entrance portal is framed by exquisite stained-glass windows that adorn the building in all its height. Ornamental stained glass subtly reflects motives of oriental architecture, called Mashrabiya. This beautiful composition is complemented with a fantastic dome, with plenty of lighting. In the center of the dome, you can see from a massive crystal chandelier. House design pictures impress with a play of light, colors and an excellent combination of textures and materials.

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