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Beautiful Villa in Abu Dhabi

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How beautiful, luxurious and elegant interior is, you can understand from the first moments of your stay in the house. Large size of the hall embodies the best traditions of modern classics. And interior designers Dubai bring to these traditions the shade of striking individuality. The highlight of each author's project of design studio Dubai Luxury Antonovich Design became floors, carved from precious marble. Dubai Interior designers create ornaments of the unique beauty. And thanks to modern technology, you can implement any design ideas. Interior literally captivates with its beauty and perfection. Carved pattern on the floor gracefully and elegantly echoes motifs of the ceiling decor. The central part of the pattern of carved on marble picks up the outlines of a pattern in illuminated stained glass, which framed a magnificent crystal chandelier. A refined curls of stucco on the ceiling repeat pattern with swirls of dark brown marble. Great hall is the beginning of a luxurious interior story that continues in the rest of the apartment. And each of those stories begins with luxury door, which is decorated with carved pattern and gilding. House Design Dubai underlines the fact that there you are always welcome. In the dining room interior, which is combined with the kitchen, there is a large table made of wood of valuable species, surrounded by many tall chairs with noble backs. The dining room harmoniously continues cozy living room. The floors are made of wood, soft Persian carpet and curtains of precious silk of coffee shade, are the basis of the warm and cozy mood in the interior.

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