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Architecture and interior design UAE

The Contribution of Luxury Antonovich Design in the Architecture in UAE

The UAE has been top favorite countries to be visited for its diversity when it comes to culture, and of course architecture. The infrastructures are creatively wild and the designers and architects are amazing with their jobs. The beautiful and blissful architecture design gaps the past and the present and connects them into a visual playground for foreign architecture enthusiasts and the locals. The Luxury Architecture Design company has set the expectations of their clients and always have met them. From beautiful landscapes to exteriors, and of course interior designs they have truly amazed their clients in all of their trendy yet sophisticated designs. The country is made of big cities that have a variety of different architectural styles. Here are some of the things that the Luxury Antonovich Design consider with their architecture.

  • Positioning: There is an important role for angles and rotation when it comes to houses, buildings, and other constructions. The goal of the company is to make sure that the harsh light that comes into the structure is minimized while the natural light which makes the inside more lovely maximizes the light. It helps conserve energy and it is a sustainable strategy that can help lower electricity rate.
  • Sustainability: One of the cities in the country is the most sustainable in the world. Thats why the company wants to create a sustainable architecture design to make sure that the houses are timeless and it still looks amazing after years and years of existence.

The Interior Style

The interior design is one of the trickiest parts of designing a home. It should reflect the clients style and taste while still being in with the trends and still be sophisticated. The home decorations and furniture add a great twist of elements in a homes interior design. In the model shown above, you will see that the company makes sure that there are different elements and textures to create a beautiful house interior.

  • Metallic: The new age of design still adds a little touch of traditional pieces. The gold and metallic curtains and fixtures add an unconventional material that is fashionable and unique. Its elegant looking and it matches the whole aesthetic of different rooms.
  • Home Accents: The usage of leather, velvet, satin, silk has always been present in home interior designing by the Luxury Antonovich Design company. They make sure that each furniture is stylish and it has an amazing quality to match the house. The three-dimensional wall carvings stand out giving the interior a touch of something traditional. The creativity of the company is endless as they have always designed remarkable art for every home.
  • Wood and Marble: Wood and marble are two different natural elements that perfectly fits a house interior. The combination makes a great trend with its earthy vibe and colors that add a very deep masculine look which is attractive to most clients.

These are only some of the design samples of architecture and interior design of the Luxury Antonovich Design company. If you are looking for a professional that has fresh new ideas do not hesitate to contact them for a quotation.

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