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Sophisticated Mosaic Design And Fit-Out Ideas


The interior design of the bathroom is a difficult task, because in conditions of high humidity, abundant evaporation and sudden temperature changes, fit-out of surfaces requires durable waterproof materials. The mosaic from Luxury Antonovich Design will help to ensure the reliability and durability of wall and floor coverings and create an elegant interior.

Mosaic Design And Fit-Out Ideas By Katrina Antonovich

The natural stone in the skillful hands of the masters of our company is ready to take on any shape, and be transformed into pictures, folding into patterned ornaments and detailed plots. Original and stylish ideas affect not only the content, shades, but also forms. Luxury Antonovich Design mosaic decoration is also represented by small conglomerates. In all cases, complex combinations can surprise the refined taste of the client. In addition to facing the walls and the floor, mosaics also decorate tabletops, mirrors and lamps.

With the help of mosaics on the walls, you can create any images and even whole pictures. The fit-out of mosaic in the form of floral motifs decorate the interior of the bathroom, fills the room with freshness and energy. In order to radically change the design of the bathroom, our masters of Luxury Antonovich Design Company can create a bright floral pattern of mosaic on one of the walls. To fill the atmosphere of the bathroom with tranquility and peace, you can revet the walls with a dimmed mosaic, making a gentle, soothing composition.


The mosaic made by the masters of Luxury Antonovich Design Company looks great as the main fit-out material, and in combination with other coatings. We provide trim mosaics of mixes or color streamers, plot panels, unusual borders with touches of silver or gold. Mosaic fit-out by Luxury Antonovich Design has several advantages:

— firmness;

— strength;

— moisture resistance;

— the ability to tolerate temperature changes;

— large selection of materials;

— variety of shades;

— resistance to fading;

— the ability to decorate different shape and material surface;

— the ability to decorate the design with absolutely any images.

Marble, glass or other material mosaic from Luxury Antonovich Design is suitable for both full wall cladding and the design of the upper border and columns. At the same time, it will become the dominant feature of fragments on the floor, create decorative nuances on the facade of furniture or accessories. The reason for this demand is the unlimited decorative potential of this material. The created fragments look equally gorgeous under artificial lighting and the rays of the sun.

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