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Lighting Project: Smart Interior Solutions


Illumination of any object is carried out according to a specially developed or standard design and working drawings, taking into account the requirements of sanitary and technical standards, and other current regulatory documents, taking into account safety requirements.

Katrina Antonovich And Her Lighting Project Team

For lighting design Luxury Antonovich Design Company attracts a large number of specialists of different profiles, who jointly create a project for lighting the premises of the object. This includes not only electrical specialists, but also architects, designers, engineers in telemechanics, automation, electronics. They are well aware of the possibilities of the modern lighting industry, manufacturers of lighting equipment, the range of lighting devices, installation nuances. Only in this case the project of lighting an apartment, restaurant, shopping center or other object will meet the necessary requirements.

Luxury Antonovich Design lighting project is an integral part of the project for the construction of a facility for any purpose during the construction of a building or it is specially designed for the reconstruction of an old foundation. Professional lighting design is carried out in stages. They include the following works:

— study of the design project taking into account floor plans;

— calculation of loads on the power grid;

— distribution of sockets and light sources throughout the premises and their integration into a single network;

— design of the object power supply route;

— selection of protective switching devices and equipment;

— design of electrical panels or centralized control of the lighting system.


The lighting plan of an apartment, private house or other object can be executed according to a standard Luxury Antonovich Design lighting project. It is a ready-made solution that can be implemented in buildings of the standard type. Such a solution has long been carried out on well-established projects. The secrets of apartment lighting consist in drawing up a detailed installation scheme for lighting devices and switching devices in all rooms, taking into account the connection of each electrical product, their grouping and connection to the control.

Modern light sources are selected by Luxury Antonovich Design taking into account the dimensions of the room and the style in which it is made. For small apartments, they are selected and installed to visually increase the space. Most often they perform contour lighting of the floor and ceiling, as well as install small-sized chandeliers in the center of the room. Light sources in homes are set to emphasize the dignity of the room and hide flaws. Our designers create amazing compositions that depend on the taste of the customer and the flight of the designer’s imagination.

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