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Luxury Curtains Design


Nowadays, curtains are not just protection from the outside world or the sultry sun outside the window. The curtains presented in our showroom are an independent and very important element of the overall decor of the room. Without curtains, the beautiful, thoughtful design of the room looks unfinished and not interesting. Luxury Antonovich Design is a market leader in textile interior design decoration.

Katrina Antonovich - Queen Of Curtains Design

Working with clients, we provide the best interior solutions, efficiency and service at the highest level. Our experienced designers, using only fabrics and curtains based on them, give the atmosphere of the room a unique, bright flavor. The curtains of our design create an atmosphere of family warmth and comfort, strict and businesslike style or emphasize privacy in the bedroom.

One of the most important features of Luxury Antonovich Home curtains showroom is an exceptional approach to its customers, which causes the undoubted premium class of the showroom. We offer the best service, excellent design, exceptional approach to the wishes of the customers and impeccable production of orders in the shortest possible time.


Premium curtains from Luxury Antonovich Design are curtains that create a harmonious, holistic interior design of any room. They subtly correspond to the chosen style of the room, bring beauty with their color scheme, choice of fabric and model. The classic decoration of the room is complemented by chic curtains, tailored from expensive luxury fabrics.

The living room in classic style is exposed to bright palette, an abundance of colors and iridescent tones. In selection of fabrics our designers advise paying attention to heavy brocade, velvet and light transparent organza — a combination of monumentality and frivolous lightness with flowing smooth folds. In addition to the image, our designers use brushes of various types and sizes, fringe and hooks.

Luxury Antonovich Home showroom presents a unique collection of curtains and tulle fabrics of various styles. The uniqueness of the collection suggests that each of the pallets represents a large group of companion fabrics for the ensemble solution of textiles in the interior. Our company offers a large collection of interior textiles in the form of elite curtains which includes modern and classic trends. Having ordered elite curtains in our showroom, you will add luxury and exclusive to your interior. Our company guarantees author's support order, which involves controlling the timing of the order, installation of cornices and other accessories.

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