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Implemented Project of Colorful Staircase Design


Current trends to the rational use of the territory are prompting to build houses in height. This applies to private buildings, but even residents of apartments are trying to organize a multi-level layout, thereby expanding the usable area. To combine the upper and lower spaces there is a need to build a staircase to the second floor. Previously, such a structure differed strictly functional approach to the creation. New and modern way of design allows to re-evaluate the possibilities of stylistics directions. Nowadays the staircase, designed by Luxury Antonovich Design becomes a decor of any design direction.

Katrina Antonovich - Leading Designer Of Stairs

For quite a long time, the use of natural stone - marble, granite, and even onyx for staircase is stylish and respectable. Outwardly, this design looks monumental and solemn, hinting at the high status and perfect taste of the home owners. The material is remarkable by its durability, hygienic and pronounced texture. It is used for expensive stylistic solutions, and combined with metal in the form of forged structures - one of the most original ways to decorate a staircase. Forged stairs of this implemend project, despite the peculiarities of the metal, do not seem cumbersome, on the contrary, forged structures visually facilitate the interior, making it more elegant and refined.


The monumental marble staircase in implemented project by Luxury Antonovich Design combines the features of classical and modern styles. It is massive and solid in the spirit of the classics. The most innovative technologies have been used in stone processing: the elements of the stairs are filigree ground and glued together. Such staircase differs by its massiveness.

For the balance of relatively warm and cold materials in the design of the staircase project from Luxury Antonovich Design our masters decided to use a carpet with floristic motifs and bright patterns. Despite its constructive restraint, the stairs from Luxury Antonovich Design looks very advantageous due to the sunny yellow tint flowing from stage to stage. This amazing stairs can make your living space more functional and comfortable. The flowing lines of this beautiful staircase from are associated with the plant world and bring to the design of the hall natural notes that are enhanced by the use of warm tone materials. They give the space of the hall airy ease, and the steps covered with custom-made carpet and forged elements create the effect of reliability. The design of this staircase is characterized by subtle forms, elegant decor, openwork elements and relief. This staircase perfectly harmonizes with the interior styling of the interior of a country house.

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