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Lambrequins For Fit Out Designs


Lambrequins came from the concept of the mid-century classic drafty mansions which help conserve heat, these days it is considered as one of the most traditional interior concepts. This beautiful ornamental designs of cornice and boards decorate not only the portion of a window on top but the sides as well. Just like cornice boards, the lambrequins are also used for decorating with pairing a panel curtain or blinds with it. Check out these different lambrequin styles and see which one will suit your home best. 

  • Full-length scalloped: It has a perfectly symmetrical design, these floor-length lambrequins add a nice touch of elegance and style in any room. It has a soft top and surface which creates a nice elegant flow in your home. We make sure that we coordinate the fabric of the lambrequins to the wall color so the furniture pieces are still the main focus in the room. The scallop detail of the lambrequin will be a great texture touch to the entire room. 
  • High design: Perfectly designed, the lambrequins showed here is placed just over the traditional drapers, it adds a layer of contemporary touch on top of the traditional curtain for a more elegant look. Use these types of drapery to make a nice symmetrical look in the beautiful window.

  • Stepped-inside corners: This beautiful set box-style lambrequin covers up the complete sides of any windows and it also places an emphasis on the inside part of the lambrequin. It is important to consider using self-welting that will line the leading edge of the lambrequin for additional detailing. We make it cohesive by matching the lambrequin with your home's space. 
  • Half scalloped: This elegant lambrequin is only by the half of the window, It's like a crown of the ornamental piece that makes your drapes look more sophisticated. We can add a fringe to your lambrequin for a nice texture detail. 
  • Traditional: This is a nice formal design that has very traditional-style for tapestry. It is a heavy layering look that makes it achieve this look — first the lambrequin, then a drapery and then sheers. This window will look bigger because of a nice drapery set and extra detailing. 

  • Highly sculpted: These highly stylized lambrequins create a decorative statement in this dining room by giving a swag-type design and feel over the floor sheers. There are several prints that are amazing in this style. This is a great way to tie all the window treatment that will complement your space with the matching your fabric with amazing pillows. Small detailing with accent fringe will always complement your interior. 

Feel free to send us a message for more information about lambrequin designing. We will always make sure that you have an amazing interior for your home. 

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