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Traditional Bespoke Kitchen Fit-Out Solutions


Speaking about the design and fit-out of the kitchen in accordance with fashion trends, we immediately present a luxurious, large, modern and functionally equipped kitchen. Our interior designers will help you make your kitchen modern and stylish. Traditional classic style kitchen from Luxury Antonovich Design amazes with its luxury and wealth. It is designed for large and spacious kitchens presented in our project. The classic kitchen with elements of the English style stands out against the background of other interior trends with its rigor in decoration, geometric accuracy and conciseness.

Classics in the implantation of our gifted masters of Luxury Antonovich Design is a measure of perfection and a role model. In the interior of the kitchen space, this feature is manifested in the form of an ideal quality fit-out. Capricious aristocratic style accepts only natural fit-out materials. They are beautiful, expensive and practical.


The interior of the kitchen from Luxury Antonovich Design clearly traced two directions. The first is the pursuit of minimalism, it is the most popular and advanced. The second trend is the desire to create the atmosphere peculiar to the spacious kitchen. Natural fit-out materials — real marble of fashionable colors is now the favorite in the design of the kitchen floor fit-out. It looks more attractive and relevant in a glossy (polished) performance in a light palette.

The wall decoration in the interior of the kitchen project in the style of classicism from Luxury Antonovich Design is expressed by a rich variety of textures and materials. Our designers preferred monochrome wall decoration with decorative panels with moldings, some areas are decorated with geometric patterns and painting. For ceiling fit-out of the kitchen in classic style it was arranged with decorative multi-tiered panels, since this is a spacious room that uses space zoning technique.

The pieces of furniture in the project of the English classical kitchen are distinguished by rigor, bulkiness and a certain conservatism. Furniture for the kitchen from Luxury Antonovich Design is made of natural wood, equipped with a marble worktop, decorated with carved elements and conceptual decor. The choice of furniture is presented in the form of large cabinets, wide worktops, a massive dining table with chairs and a soft sofa, and a sideboard with glass doors. Clear straight lines of rectangular table and sideboards together give the completeness and atmosphere of stability to entire interior design.

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