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Excellent Execution - VILLA FIT-OUT SERVICE


In the dictionary, fit out is a word that means to do with necessaries or means. The term fit out is also defined as designing and completing a raw space – a flooring space that is divided by walls – it has a specific interior partition and division, mechanical, electrical, floor, ceiling, and environmental requirements for each occupant. In any establishment, there should always be a proper installment of interior spaces. It plays a huge role which impacts its occupants. Luxury Antonovich Design is a fit-out construction service that can handle the responsibility together with the occupants’ plan as we try to put out the best outcome for each client that we have. It’s very important to look for the help of fit-out contractors in that can provide excellent and convenient construction services. Luxury Antonovich Design is one of the most sought after company that helps out not only residential houses but also huge buildings and corporations. Our team of experts runs the projects smoothly from the planning up to the finishing touches, take a look at the list below of the procedures that will further guide you in hiring our amazing fit-out team.

  • Pre-construction examination - There are different tasks involves the pre-construction stage of each fit-out. These tasks involve foundational success for every project. We provide a more reliable, and accurate information for both our clients and the establishment. This information will make sure that the project has a precise quality of our services.
  • Site inspection and planning - It is important for us to conduct site inspection and planning so that both parties know and understand the limitations of each project. We want to set out expectations, budget, and outcome in a more realistic perspective. In our process we include these procedures for the site monitoring, reviewing of the main facilities and learning more about the building design and guidelines. We always work to ensure the safety and success of each project to ensure our clients vision.


Luxury Antonovich Design, creates space planning that will take place in each fit-out design. We want to make sure that it catches the attention of guests and clients that is why from the development we make sure that it has great influence in design to please each occupant. We always make sure to complete each design with functionality to make sure that each element in the design is used wisely. We make sure that our team has design coordination with experts studying and evaluating every feasible study for the plan. We also make sure that we optimize every detail from planning to budgeting to set boundaries and expectations correctly. We use these calculations to make sure that we use it as a basis for our clients. Before proceeding with the construction process, our company makes sure that we have complied with the mandatory permits and licenses that are needed. If you need an expert in fit-out designs then you have come to the right place. Our company is here to help you with every step of your fit-out planning. Feel free to message us for details.

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