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Custom Curtains Decor And Accessories


The choice of a suitable fabric and decor for sewing curtains is important not only from an aesthetic, but also a functional point of view. How much light will let through the curtains, what will be their weight, how will they play in the light of the sun and how long will they be. Luxury Antonovich Design Company will tell about all the nuances that are associated with such a difficult choice for your interior. Our experienced designers select fabrics of the right colors and textures, finishing materials, accessories and amazing curtain decor.

Katrina Antonovich

To create an original and stylish curtains design Luxury Antonovich Design uses many different accessories. The exclusive decoration of curtains with the help of all sorts of decorative ornaments will help to highlight the interior, make it brighter and create a real comfortable and welcoming homely atmosphere. Properly selected accessories emphasize the style and personality of your home.


In the elite tailoring studio of designer curtains by Luxury Antonovich Design Company, you can choose any accessories that our craftswomen will decorate your curtains with an individual design to order:

Tiebacks for curtains. It can be both an independent part, and a basis for other decorations — brushes, applications, rhinestones, glass beads, three-dimensional ornament. Tiebacks are usually made from a companion fabric or from the same material from which the curtain is made, but with contrasting edging.

Lambrequin. With the help of lambrequin designers from Luxury Antonovich Deign emphasize the beauty of the curtains, but also diversify the interior with something fresh. Elegant folds, flounces, embroidery and fringe on the pelmets will make the interior refined and rich. Straight, dense lambrequins in combination with a smoothly stretched line of curtains allows to create an elevated ceiling effect and emphasize the completeness of the interior.

Brushes. They create completeness of the composition, giving to the curtains solemnity, and carry the functional load. Curtain brushes will decorate any curtains and give the interior aristocratic taste. For the design of massive, exclusive curtains designers of Luxury Antonovich Design choose the classic heavy brushes. Brushes for curtains are made of interlacing threads, pompons, fringes, feathers and glass beads, so you can choose brushes for a variety of interiors.

Fringe. Spectacular decoration that gives completeness to the design of the window, which can not be achieved by other means. Also it is decorated with pelmets and fabric pickups.

Pendants. With their help our designers from Luxury Antonovich Design add some highlight to your interior. (Can be on a chain or cord, which can adjust the desired height).

Clip-magnets. They give curtains on windows any shape. Such accessories are two elements, interconnected with a cable.

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