• the exchange tower 501 -floor 5
    Business bay, Dubai
From project design to actual implementation | furniture manufacturing and fitting selection with delivery | consalting emaar approval

Project shoping mall Abu Dhabi

The architectural engineering and the design from the studio Luxury Antonovich Design correspond to the highest world standards. We offer such highly accurate and detailed visualization of each project, that it is possible to exactly evaluate all the nuances of the future facility. In addition to the most prestigious projects, we also offer video. Our customers can experience the presence and look into every corner. The architectural design of elite shopping complex reflects the trends of contemporary style and innovation in design and architecture. A holistic way of the project was a perfect reflection of reality, when everything is fine, filled with happiness and success. Architects Dubai form functionality, technical aspects and practicability of each room into a single project. Architecture successfully solves all the practical tasks that have been delivered to customers not only in the purely technical form, but also as a true art with artistic expression. Specificity of the architectural design of the shopping and entertainment complex is a combination of traditional utilitarian tools in the idea of ​​doors, windows, roofs with elegant, refined and abstract ways to achieve artistic expression by talented authors. The architectural image of the shopping center is created by all the moments of the material organization and shows some artistic means. Architects Dubai give an object unique and original shape, creating a basis for the formation of a luxurious image. This is an excellent performance of purely artistic tasks.

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