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Luxury Antonovich Design is the most dependable firm when it comes to designing doors and joinery works. They have the entire capability to construct high-end doors. The company owns and operates its own manufacturing facility, which produces high-quality doors and joinery components. Luxury Antonovich Design also offers a highly unique and elegant door design that may be used in a variety of project design concepts. Luxury Antonovich Design, the premier interior fit-out firm in Dubai, has the largest collection of luxury doors design. Because it has the most competent and skilled production staff, it is fully capable of producing high-end doors that are made of premium materials and finished to the highest standards.


Doors and joinery work are the most important interior decorations in any project, which is why it is critical to match each doors design to the projects idea, especially if the door will serve as the projects main entrance. Doors are typically constructed of high-quality solid wood materials with intricate paintings and carvings. Indeed, deciding on each door design was difficult to work, which is why it is always advisable to seek the advice of an interior design expert in order to achieve the most desirable door design arrangements. Every client of Luxury Antonovich Design will be well served by the firms in-house welcoming and respected interior designers and consultants. For every premium door design, the company also provides comprehensive services and design executions.

Luxury Antonovich Design, in addition to offering the largest collection of elegant doors, also offers delivery, installation, and repair services to ensure that each door is properly placed according to the desired arrangement and necessity. These particular services are offered for all joinery tasks for the kitchen and wardrobe areas, just as they are for luxury doors. The Luxury Antonovich Design Team constantly ensures that the most opulent door is designed with the highest level of flair and individuality. Every sumptuous project, particularly for prominent homes that demand the most elegant and premium quality doors design, will undoubtedly exceed all expectations and satisfy every customer.

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