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At Luxury Antonovich Design all types of exquisite doors are displayed in their widest diversity in accordance with each concept design. For complete furniture and decorations, Luxury Antonovich Design Company has its own manufacturing and facility. It also boasts the most competent and trained joiner staff in the industry, capable of creating any form of lavish door or joinery design.

The color of the product can be blended with the color of the flooring when it comes to parquet, laminate, and other wood goods. By contrasting a flooring sample with the color of the door, you can achieve tone. You simply need to bring one board to the salon, and you won't have to guess whether or not it will fit.

A more striking alternative is an interior barrier three shades darker than the floor but of the same hue. When compared to a single board, the different tones of a hardwood floor may be seen, whereas a single board will appear to be brown, sand, or other hues.

Hood is created when the texture and pattern of the floor and door are combined.

The ornamental elements chosen are influenced by the room's overall look. The personal ambiance of a country nobleman's modest bedroom—arched entrance with delicately carved craquelures—all add to the reconstruction of palace majesty. The rigorous aesthetics of the Middle Ages are associated with the magnificent design of a timber door with wrought iron elements.

The handle should be fashioned to fit the canvas's lines. A straight handle is necessary if the door is entirely made up of straight lines. Because it is curved, with curves and flowing lines, it complements canvasses with soft, rounded forms.

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