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The Luxury Antonovich Team is very happy to inform our valued clients, international customers, and followers that we have recently started to launch our wider scope of services for Architectural and Interior Design Services. We have been very inspired by our fast-growing industry for the world market. As we open our New Showroom in Dubai which is showcasing our latest collection of a wide variant of Furniture in different concept designs such as the Luxury Classic Collection, Stylish Modern Collection, and Classy set of Home accessories as well as joinery Works.

As part of the Joinery work and production, Luxury Antonovich Design has started to embrace the passion of designing and production for different doors. Since our team has been the highest standard in every Architectural design in the Entrance area, we have been extended our capacity to complete the entire appearance completely such as doors production. The Team has been realized that creating doors exclusive design shall enclose the full architectural and interior design services for excellent execution and performance which are completely created by our very own production team. Straight from our very own factory, all the doors design has been carefully crafted and designed to perfection to be able to bring out the best quality for every client.


Since we have our own manufacturing and Factory, The Luxury Antonovich Design can able to supply a bulk order for doors production whether it is for Residential, Commercial, or Industrial needs, we are always ready for full cooperation and supply. We can also do exclusive and customized designs for doors. The Luxury Antonovich Design has been embraced the latest technology of home automation that is why we are very glad to inform our clients that our doors can absolutely do the implementation of the smart home system to every door that we are producing for your home.

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