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Marble Medallions


We are trying to add variety to the beautiful interior and house design, to make the design unique and exclusive. The use of marble medallions in the interior was always relevant and today we can admire them in the interiors of expensive restaurants, hotels, and luxury homes. Marble medallions always attract attention. Luxury Antonovich Design seriously and responsibly approaches the production of medallions from marble in the field of architectural design. Our works have become a decoration for both private interiors and commercial buildings. Marble medallion is a greatness and a certain position. This mineral in itself is a work of art due to the unique pattern created by nature itself. Our artists and designers have learned to make this beauty in wonderful images.

Special technologies used for cutting stone allow us to create any masterpieces. In modern interiors and architecture, water jet technology is widely used in austere minimalist interiors and luxurious classic ones. Artistic hydroabrasive cutting is the key to an exclusive and very beautiful housing design.


A marble panel is a rather complicated and relatively expensive work of art. For its creation, the best designers of Luxury Antonovich Design are attracted, who can fully realize the creative potential of thousands of semitones and shades of properly processed, high-quality polished marble rock. The medallion or panel from a natural stone is a custom, exclusive product of handwork. To create it, only the highest quality, colorful and wear-resistant material is used, which is thoroughly calibrated.

Only the highest quality, soft marble of European and Asian brands is used. Marble compositions are made of the following decorative elements:

— Round rosettes and medallions.

— Mosaic elements.

— Panel with square fragments.

— Asymmetrical decor.

Stone medallions and rosettes look great in combination with other natural fit-out materials — wood, glass, the composition with it will be wonderful and will give the interior design even more chic. Our designers will help you to choose the medallion design for any interior, whether it is classic or modern. We make panels of any size and design, for every taste. Marble medallions invariably attract attention, striking the imagination with its uniqueness, wide color palette and refinement. Marble decorative elements are installed in walls, floors and ceilings, used to create other installation and facing parts of the future unique new home designs.

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Marble Medallions
Marble Medallions
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