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Light Color


Make a luxurious interior, emphasizing the high status of the owners, we use marble fit-out. Natural light marble is one of the most incredible and sought-after fit-out materials that is used in Luxury Antonovich Design. It embodies the color, sophistication and grandeur of nature itself. As before, marble is a figure of nobility and natural gorgeousness. Over the centuries, marble has not lost its popularity and is used both in classic interiors and in the most modern.

Marble is a stone, a natural material, environmentally friendly and therefore precious and expensive. It is distinguished by its smoothness, attractive glossy surface, with a pattern in the form of veins and modulations of different shades. A room decorated with a light stone by Luxury Antonovich Design looks very elegant, all details should be thought out to the smallest detail, since light colors of marble do not tolerate falsity.


The color of natural marble can be very different. It depends on its impurities. The pattern and ornament obtained after polishing a stone leans not only on its structure, but also on the direction of its sawing.

The use of marble in the interior by Luxury Antonovich Design has the following advantages:

— Aesthetic look. Marble has a wide range of varieties of light colors and textures, which allows to choose the best option that fits the interior of the room.

— Versatility. With modern technology made facing plates of all sizes and thicknesses. Countertops, sinks, bathtubs, columns, benches, statues and other decor are also made of light marble.

— Environmental friendliness. Natural stone does not cause any harm to health, does not cause allergies and does not pollute the atmosphere.

— Durability. The material does not undergo any damage over time, does not shrink and does not lose the brightness of the color.

Products from light marble perfectly will be suitable for creation of an interior in pastel tones by Luxury Antonovich Design. It is suitable not only for fit-out of the bathroom and kitchen. For example, beige marble window sills fit perfectly into the living room, and a compact table made of golden marble will be the central decoration of the bedroom.

With the help of facing wall tiles and countertops of light marble, Luxury Antonovich Design can decorate the design of any bathroom. The original combination of light stone with a complex structure, as well as a large mirror with built-in spotlights, will give you a rich and stylish design. With this connection, golden marble looks perfectly in all its beauty.

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