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Dark Color


Nature has created a huge variety of marble rocks, its beauty and luxury has always attracted people. Precious natural stone by Luxury Antonovich Design offers a much wider range of colors than bright white marble. Marble is a noble material, and just its appearance speaks of the richness and monumentality of the interior. It does not matter where it is used: in living rooms, kitchen, hallway or bathroom. Striking and with sublime radiance, it can be perfectly integrated into any luxurious atmosphere.

Marble, provided by Luxury Antonovich Design is divided into different types, depending on the following characteristics:

— rock texture;

— color;

— grain size;

— the nature of the boundary between the grains.

Marble from Luxury Antonovich Design is characterized by a variety of patterns and color shades. It is achieved thanks to the ability of marble to transmit rays of light to a certain depth. The stone having a homogeneous structure is very popular. The buildings and interior of marble seem alive.


The color of marble is affected by its impurities. It might be:

— white (or sculptural) — without impurities. It is the most malleable to give the desired shape;

— black — a rock of volcanic origin, with a large amount of graphite. Black marble with gold streaks is considered to be the most valuable;

— gray — can be fine and coarse, also differs in the number of inclusions;

— green marble contains iron-containing silicates. It is also widely used for the production of jewelry;

— beige — contains limonite;

— pink — it is demanded for fit-out of bathrooms. Gentle shade is obtained due to a certain amount of iron oxide in the composition;

— blue — a very rare type of marble with blue diopside concentrate;

— brown — looks quite original, especially in the presence of light patterns. This color type has the presence of limonite and manganese.

Black and colored varieties of marble — one-color black, red, green, and yellow, or multi-colored with a beautiful pattern of veins, spots, or interspersed fragments — are preferably used by Luxury Antonovich Design to create amazing interiors. Black and white marble never go out of fashion. They embody a universal look that is suitable for fashion, design and interior. As an accent when decorating living rooms, black marble is a highlight for fascinating interior designs. Black marble is noble, exotic and durable. It immediately stands out and refines the interior. The combination of visual gravity and extravagant views gives the furniture or accessories a certain highlight on the background of dark marble. The interior, decorated with dark marble by Luxury Antonovich Design, always looks restrained luxurious and refined.

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