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Luxury modern office

The interior design of a small office for the head of the production company department embodies all the charm of improvisations, which can be used in a modern style with a touch of minimalism. The organization of space provides comfort, functionality, and ergonomics. With the apparent simplicity of the interior, however, it radiates beauty, elegance, and prestige. Interior designers of the studio Antonovich Design skillfully improvise with ornaments. The abstract drawing with wavy lines in a combination of soft office furniture which is upholstered in a natural leather and decorated with the pattern in small rhombuses is amazingly looked. The interior of the office reflects elegance and beauty. In the overall light creamy color range, a very natural accent was a dark natural wood, from which the table top and the back of the office chairs were made. In the decor of the walls, there are also accents of abstract ornament, but they do not overload the composition at all, but make it more expressive and highlighting such decor elements as lamps and a painting. To bring to the interior a note of warmth of home comfort and the charm of nature, the authors of the project added a neat composition of living plants, which looks very harmonious thanks to the use minimalistic stands of polished stainless steel. A niche with a line of soft lighting throughout the perimeter and additional ceiling lights decorated the high ceiling. The role of curtains on a large panoramic window is played by modern white blinds. interior design pictures, interior design portfolio websites, interior design residential project, interior design roof ceiling, interior design warehouse

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