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Creative Office Design

Sometimes the level of luxury can reach its apogee not only when it comes to the design of palaces and residences. In this case, we want to demonstrate that beauty and luxury can become the basis for the design of the managers office. It helps create a decent environment for work and confirm the successful status of a particular company. In this case, we were lucky enough to work on the project to create an interior for the clinic in the UAE. The office of the clinic owner was an excellent embodiment of success, happiness, and beauty. These are all moments the designers of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design could realize with the help of the beautiful and ever-popular style Art Deco. A large space with large panoramic windows made it possible to harmoniously place three different in its purpose zones. The epicenter of the interior was, of course, a working table made of valuable wood that was varnished, enriched with polished metal incrustations, and the countertop was decorated with genuine leather. To harmonize space, interior designers use the same wood in the wall decor, complementing it with lighter accents. The very rich and bright ceiling decor helps zoning space and fill the interior with the right mood of joy and a sense of victory. The elegant outlines of the niches are complemented by lines of illumination, delicate golden ornaments, small LED lamps and beautiful chandeliers in the Art Deco style. Expressiveness to the interior adds a luxurious velvet of a juicy blue hue in the decoration of windows and furniture upholstery. interior fit out contractors, interior fit out contractors dubai, interior home plans, interior house decoration, international architecture companies in dubai

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