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Modern office interior from Luxury Antonovich Design is the creation of an exclusive and cozy interior of the unit. Luxury Antonovich Design embodies the unique atmosphere of elitism and exclusivity of the style. The comfortable, stylish and presentable office interior emphasizes the owner`s status. From the proper arrangement of a room depends on how it will be cozy to work in it, and after that to have a rest. The architectural bureau Luxury Antonovich Design is an individual view of life, creative concepts and new approaches to the design of the house. Modern office interior is made with a special taste and in accordance with the modern trends. Such a perfect composed space energizes and fills with the additional forces. The delicate plain light walls and the flowing lines did their work. They gave a special flavor to the office interior. This modern design project looks great: the major role here, of course, plays a luxurious furniture from leading manufacturers. The beautiful, soft and inviting to the eye sofa! High-quality upholstery fits perfectly to the interior. The specificity of modern interior design emphasizes on the appointment of a soft set as a comfortable place to relax. The suitable cream walls, marble floor covering, and, of course, the stylish original chandelier creates the balance. The correct lighting, which the ceiling lights take part, fills the room the pleasant light, visually enhances the space and gives a special, fabulous charm to the ceiling. The curtains in pastel colors create a feeling of coziness and comfort; they give the room a special charm and elegance. The architectural company Luxury Antonovich Design creates only the creative ideas, that are ready to change radically the environment of your habitat!

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