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Modern Luxury Office Design


Cold rigorous interior makes a sad impression not only on employees, but also on customers. It works much better in a cozy, stylishly decorated place. Today office design by Luxury Antonovich Design is a combination of stylish practical furniture, thoughtful decor and fit-out and original elements that make the company recognizable in any situation. The design of the office in modern style by our professionals implies the use of the latest ways of organizing the space, the use of best fit-out materials in the decoration and a smart approach to the decor. The form of open space still works in the interiors of office places, which implies the arrangement of several work areas in one large premise.

Office design by Luxury Antonovich Design is interesting, luxury and stylish. In contrast to the living space, it can be filled with more bold and unusual solutions that are difficult to implement in the house. Interior office by our designers is the case when the space contains some kind of design trick. It is about what visitors of the office will remember most of all. This may be an unusual installation, sculpture, aquarium or vertical garden. Or something provocative that will make the whole office design.


Every new design in modern style by Luxury Antonovich Design has its own distinctive features. An individual design is selected for each organization, which will correspond to the status of the company.

For this interior design project of the office space weve used such solutions:

— the use of natural materials;

— big windows (from floor to ceiling);

— open space;

— cozy stylish furniture;

— natural decor (natural fit-out).

Choosing furniture for the arrangement of this office, our designers take into account all the work processes that take place in the company.

The main part of the office design from Luxury Antonovich Design occupies the working space. Its location was determined by panoramic windows, allowing employees to work with natural light most of the day. Wooden tables and other furnishing fit perfectly into the interior. It is believed that natural materials and textures contribute to active brain activity. The office uses several types of lighting. Luminaires in industrial style give brightness in the working area and at the reception. The scattering light is created by a variety of built-in lamps, and the urban-style hanging chandelier in the conference area gives the space an extra unusual moment.

There are a few things that must be in a modern office by Luxury Antonovich Design. A vivid example is greenery. Flowers and pot-plants help to produce clean air, thereby improving the indoor climate. They can be placed on the floor, shelves, walls, niches and stand on the tables. This is an integral element of the decor of any stylish office.

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