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Luxury classic office

Its always nice to deal with a lot of space, especially when it comes to creating an interior for the office. This aristocratic and elegant home office was created by the head designer and architect Katrina Antonovich for the project of an elite villa in Dubai. The owner of the house is a person who has achieved incredible success in his business. And he dedicates his favorite business literally twenty-four hours a day. And in order to at home, he always had the opportunity to work in comfortable conditions, Katrina Antonovich offered such a respectable and cozy variant of the interior design of the home office. The main violin in the beauty of the interior is natural valuable wood in dark tones. This material is decorated walls around the perimeter. To enhance the beauty of the interior, the author of the project uses incrustations in the form of carved decor with motifs of Empire style. Such decision perfectly underlines success and victories of the owner of the home office. With the help of floorings decor and ceiling decor, the interior provides accents of the warmth of home comfort. The ceiling is decorated with stucco decor which becomes even more versatile and beautiful due to a certain ceiling configuration with small square niches. A traditional chandelier provides interior lighting along with lamps and sconces. The flooring is wonderfully decorated with natural parquet and soft carpet. Upholstered furniture in upholstery made of dense silk emerald shade is very beautifully combined with dark wood. Harmonized the interior luxurious curtains made of silk with printed ornaments, the shade of which repeats the upholstery of furniture and the working surface of the table. house paint design interior and exterior, house painting interior design, house plans and designs with photos, house plans and floor plans,

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