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Luxury French Design for Bedroom

Improvisation with classic interior design always gives the unique charm of each house projects. And in this best bedroom designs, designers of interior company Antonovich Design added gentle and romantic accents of French style in the spirit of Provence. You can easily notice these fascinating aspects in a decoration of walls and ceilings. Beautiful romantic accent in the interior design for bedroom of the walls and the ceiling became precisely stucco molding. Charming floral compositions perfectly fit into master bedroom interior design and filled it with a lush and cozy mood. The ceiling is decorated with deep niche the right circular shape, which is around the entire perimeter illuminated by backlighting line. A delightful play of light and shade provides by an elegant crystal chandelier. interior design consultant exquisitely repeated the ceiling decoration motives in the decoration of floors. Curls of carved patterns on the marble floor design echoed also with contours of curls stucco decoration. Round natural carpet with floral ornament repeats the outlines of niches in the ceiling.

It is a perfect image of the interior with the aristocratic influences.

Perfection in every detail and the perfect combination of colors and textures of materials, inherent to this project. Against the background of the magnificent decor of walls and ceilings, curtains design looks a bit simple . Despite this beautiful curtains no less aristocratic. The curtains in the bedroom of silk beige shade framed with translucent white tulle. Ideal folds of drapery, provide soft holders in the form of wide tapes. Furniture gently and unobtrusively fits into the space of the interior, complementing it with a cozy and comfortable touch.

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