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Villa master bedroom interior


A master’s bedroom should be functional and tranquil. Don’t worry — we got you covered. Our company has been delivering the best master’s bedroom designs for decades. We have the most dedicated and the most talented designers, architects and builders who will deliver an amazing interior design for your bedroom. In this model bedroom, you will see how we incorporated cream and turquoise this color is perfect for a bedroom because it’s calm and relaxing. Please feel free to use this article as a guide in how you want your bedroom to look like. 

  • Searing Area: since this is the master bedroom, with a space that is very huge and as much as possible we need to maximize the space in order to make it look more pleasant. An easy way to achieve this is to add a nice and cozy seating area that matches the theme of your bedroom. In this specific model room, the seating area function is a space for watching television or even having some coffee or tea. 
  • Spaces: it is important to have enough storage space in your bedroom. In this model shown above, there are no built-in storages because space is meant for having all the essentials. We do have a designated space for a walk-in closet which is perfect for this big bedroom. 
  • Mirror: the mirror gives an illusion of a bigger space. And it also adds a nice reflection which gives more light inside the bedroom. 
  • Decor: art is an important part of a bedroom. Since this bedroom is a neoclassical bedroom we did not hang any other paintings — the carvings set as a wall art because of the intricate details on the walls. 
  • Accent: you’ll notice that all of the accent pieces in this room are in turquoise. The color-blocking style creates a playful focus on each piece letting you know which piece is highlighted. Just look at how the headboard steals the show in when you look at the bed. Accenting a few pieces makes your room look neater and well designed. 


Our company Luxury Antonovich Design does not only provide beautifully designed spaces. We also make sure that everything in our client’s bedroom is perfect. From the electricals to the joinery, we make sure everything is perfectly done. This will give our client’s peace of mind that they deserve. Everyone deserves a bedroom that they can go home to and have their beauty rest. We truly hope that this master bedroom design helps you learn about what design you’d like to have in your bedroom. Feel free to browse more of our works. Contact us to know how we can help you. Together let us build the home of your dreams. 

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