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Luxury Master bedroom Design

An architectural and design company Luxury Antonovich Design creates an individual image of your home. Exclusive design of the house is the embodiment of your dreams into reality. One has only to refer to specialists of design company Luxury Antonovich Design. The leading architects and professional designers create a comfortable, luxury, and most importantly functional interior. Luxury Master Bedroom Design is an example of how beauty and comfort are intertwined and are embodied in the beautiful design of the house. The skilful designers of an architectural firm Luxury Antonovich Design created a fantastically beautiful interior with a delicate lilac color. It looks gentle and romantic. These shades have inner tranquility and serenity. Furniture is the main attribute in decorating of the premises. The bed, with beautiful headboard in the form of textile panels emphasizes the elegant artistic taste of homeowners. Artificial, low-cost materials are intolerable in this interior. Only high quality finishing, expensive materials, natural wood are used in the creation of a unique space. The feature of an elegant bed – applique of gilding around the headboard. Exclusive fabrics look good to the eyes. The bedspreads with gold threads are the perfect complement of the irresistible style of the room. These designers of the design bureau Luxury Antonovich Design took care of home comfort. The original console-mirror with a mirror in the frame with hand painting from the gold plate gives a special unique atmosphere to the bedroom. Bed cabinets are an important element for creating comfort and convenience. Leisure area is equipped with plush sofas, armchairs, poufs, which are in perfect harmony with other elements of decor.

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