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The Antonovich Group's façade team, which has the highest level of expertise in the field, develops innovative restoration and fit-out solutions for exterior design and landscaping. A sophisticated technological technique, major home building or renovation, including exterior and interior modifications, should be left in the hands of a professional. With the assistance of the knowledgeable and skilled staff at The Antonovich Group, you may make material selections for external fit-out work, which strives to enhance load-bearing walls while taking into consideration the architectural quirks of significant residential or commercial structures. All aspects of home exterior fit-out can be divided into a number of categories. They differ in their applications and compositions: The first choice is a dry fit-out, which means securing items without the use of various adhesive bases. Fasteners like anchors, dowels, screws, and others are used to hold the many parts of this picture together. A "wet facade" system, which should contain all building combinations that are initially prepared with water, can also be utilized for external house fit-out. This option comprises a range of panels (stone, wood, etc.). They are in charge of all plaster installation and clinker cladding.

The Antonovich Group in Dubai provides skilled exterior fit-out and facade insulation for both residential and commercial buildings with a variety of applications. In order to offer them distinctive elegance and presentation abilities, we utilize a range of high-face materials. Each one enables you to implement a variety of outlandish exterior design concepts, giving the building a unique and intriguing appearance. We successfully accomplish each and every exterior painting project for houses without a hitch. Our skilled painters will ensure that you always receive the right finish regardless of how big or little your project is. We provide a welcoming, dependable, and affordable service with a concentration on interior/exterior painting and decorating, wallpaper installation, and wall panel hanging. Every work is completed to the highest levels of excellence, organization, and cleanliness. Every job is enjoyable for us to work on, and we always want the customer to be completely happy. The Antonovich Group only uses premium painting equipment and supplies to get the best, most precise results.

We all know how important windows are to any home. They let in the fresh air and natural light, and they could even help keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Due to this, it's important to always keep your windows in good shape. You have the wonderful fortune of having access to some of the most beautiful window setups in the whole world if you live in Dubai. Your home may look prettier thanks to these updated window designs, which can also boost energy efficiency and security for you. We can confirm that the new windows have special edge seals that improve their air tightness. By making sure so, it can reduce the cost of heating and cooling the house. The windows' thicker, double-glazed glass helps to boost levels of insulation. This could help keep the inside temperature more stable all year long. The Antonovich Group can install new windows that will improve the look of your house and provide greater energy efficiency. The windows are made of sturdy materials and should last for many years. -They are easy to install and include all necessary gear. -To help seal the windows and stop drafts, the set also includes a weather stripping kit. Your home will be more insulated thanks to these windows, which will help you save your energy expenditures.

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