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The façade of any structure, which draws its name from a French word that literally translates as "the face," is critical to creating its identity, much as the façade of this Villa Dubai is. While interior design is important for any residential or building project, the materials chosen for outside façade design give a property its identity. As a result, interior designers at the Antonovich Group and other businesses throughout the world place a premium on residential building facades. Continue reading for more details. The examples below show that balance is the most important component in all design decisions. Determine the function of your home. Understanding the familys and your homes requirements and objectives.

A façade with a single or twin garage configuration would be perfect for someone who enjoys auto maintenance. Once the goal is established, finding a façade design that complements the inside of the home is simple. For Dubai exteriors, a contrast of two colors—light and dark—works effectively. The window trimmings might be a third color if you wanted to make an even bigger statement, but thats about it. Our interior designers have years of experience and knowledge in assisting clients in selecting colors that take into account all important factors—colors that will not fade over time, colors that will completely conceal seasonal defects (if any), and colors that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

The colors chosen may be found everywhere on the color wheel, ranging from subdued and subtle to vivid and striking. The goal is to select those that complement the homeowners personality. Using a lighter color for the body and a darker color for the roof lines and ventilation openings is the ideal option. The main door or entry is possibly the most important aspect of the façades external design. It acts as a link between the outer world and your private haven, your house. It seems to reason that it should be something special, warm, and unforgettable that your visitors will remember for a long time. Right now, grand bespoke doors are quite popular.

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