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Elegant Exterior Design in UAE


What youve heard about the Luxury Antonovich Design Company in UAE? What emotional response and what associations evoke this name in your mind? Of course, it will be elegance of taste, the chic in choice, luxurious approach in modern house interior/ exterior design and decoration, the greatness and majesty of shapes, abundance of novelties and techniques, the best materials and the finest soft fabrics and other quality components for fit out. It all can be described with one word — royal; not by belonging, but by calling and passion. That is why Luxury Antonovich Design is so conceived and so dedicated.


Every one of us wants to have a stunning house that will stand out among the rest, but at the same time we want it to be combined with all the surroundings and the area of location. Creating a perfect and elegant exterior design is not the easy thing. Though for Luxury Antonovich Design there is no obstacle we cannot overcome. It is necessary to choose colors and materials, to balance shapes and lines, find the ideal and the only solution for fit out... This is not a job for novice designers. That is why our professionals are the best in UAE. They will create and design the most suitable project especially for you, and when people will cross your street, they will just stop and admire the beauty of your house.


The best option in projecting the elegant exterior design is a combination of strength and aesthetics. In view of the great diversity of materials and options of textures our designers will come to the rescue and will select the best ways of solutions that will make you and your house look unique and one of a kind.

Luxury Antonovich Design will help you to find the best marble for beautiful decorative columns to point out your personality and identity of the house, as well as lovely decorative sculptures and statues to underline the elegance of the choice; will choose the most incredible color spectrum and tricks of the light. Our landscape designers will create the most unbelievable backyard garden with stunning flower plants and exotic ornamental trees that will be drawing the eye through contrast and colors. If you want the exterior of your house to reflect your personal style — it is not the issue for Luxury Antonovich Design. If you have questions in such impossible design jigsaw like choice of:

• lighting and colors;

• forms and shapes;

• materials and textures;

• landscaping;

• materials and fit out for roofing, windows and doors;

• balance and function,

contact us, and we guarantee that you will be satisfied with the final result.

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