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Best Exteriors in the world

Best Exteriors in the world

Interior design, design house facade, and architectural design in the UAE, which offers studio Luxury Antonovich Design, meets the highest world standards.

And the highest standards of luxury and splendor solidly belongs to this beautiful country.Exterior design houses in Dubai becomes an opportunity to create a unique image of architectural beauty that fit harmoniously into the surrounding landscape, as well as emphasize the high status and respectability of property owners. This exclusive project design exterior home in Dubai is very clearly perceived visually, thanks to the very harmonious design, and aesthetic harmony of architectural details.Multifaceted and beautiful image of a house with a variety of portals, individual elegant roof designs admires by its beauty. The design of the facade of a house in Dubai is perfect, thanks to the skillful combination and coordination of individual architectural elements of the building such as ledges, pilasters, balustrades, niches and others.To exterior design houses in Dubai is inherent a slender rhythm of the facades, which is formed by perfectly proportioned windows. Architectural composition looks expressive and complete.Interior Designers of Luxury Antonovich Design cleverly used such technique as symmetry.In the composition of the luxurious mansion used several planes of symmetry.The composite part of the building is repelled from the main axis.The ideal ratio of sizes, plastic and silhouette accents, directions of space to the central part of the building, became the basis for the perfect architectural composition. The design of the facade of a house in Dubai by our studio will satisfy the most discerning connoisseurs of luxury in the world.

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