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Luxurious pool design

The design project of the private house interior included the design of the pool. For this premise, a terrace was added to the house project.The peculiarity of the room became the presence of large panoramic windows that open beautiful views on the landscape design near the house. Thanks to the windows, the interior gets enough sun rays, which fill it with natural warmth and bright colors. To give windows a certain perfection, interior designers of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design designed them with exquisite Roman curtains and hard lambrequins.Lambrequins are complemented with a beautiful braid. The interior design of a private house from our studio of architecture and design is always creating the most comfortable living environment.In this space, we proposed an oriental style with notes of classics. In the ceiling decoration, the main decoration became lush stucco decoration and three chic chandeliers in oriental style. The design of the country house perfectly highlighted the high status of its owners. For this, the authors of the project actively use elite materials in decoration. Especially luxurious looks the pools bowl. It is lined with mosaic panels with artsy ornaments.Its rounded outline perfectly complemented by the marble floor with carved patterns. Creating an interior design is always the development of unique ideas that make every new project of our studio a new masterpiece of creativity. Modern architecture and design are closely interrelated with the latest technologies. And in the interiors of swimming pools, we embedding the newest systems of water treatment, ventilation, and lighting.

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