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Gorgeous Swimming Pool


A well-equipped pool is a whole system of cleaning filters, heating systems, pumps and other similar elements. When Luxury Antonovich Design Company is designing a pool inside a house, we took to the account all important factor:

— The strength of the foundation or the structure of the house;

— Ventilation equipment to avoid high humidity throughout the house;

— Heating system;

— Water supply system;

— Drain;

— Electricity.

Development of a design project for a pool includes:

* collecting preliminary information, getting to know the customer’s wishes, creating a general concept;

* drawing development with indication of all sizes, points of exit of communications, location of embedded parts, definition of functional zones;

* elaboration of stylistic and color solutions, preliminary selection of materials for the external design;

* drawing up technical requirement on the basis of all received data;

* selection of planning decisions;

* creating a three-dimensional sketch;

* final selection of materials, elaboration of design details;

* preparation of a complete draft design;

* the creation of a working draft, in accordance with which the design concept of the pool will be implemented.


The swimming pool design project and its calculation is the first, most important step towards the realization of the customer's plan. That is why Luxury Antonovich Design always takes the job seriously and with big responsibility. A competent design ensures the reliability, durability and safety of the structure, helps to find the best engineering solutions, avoid unnecessary costs and pass the finished object in a timely manner.

Luxury Antonovich Design takes the responsibility for the whole complex of works. This is confirmed by the contract that we conclude before proceeding to work, and the customer does not need to monitor the process and solve current issues.

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