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Best pool interior Dubai


Any construction begins with the project. Such a complex structure as a swimming pool is no exception. The set of design project documents defines the concept of the interior design of the pool. Not only the aesthetics of color and compositional solutions, but also the functionality, convenience, and safety of using the entire system and its individual elements depend on how well it is designed.

Work on the design of the pool by Luxury Antonovich Design begins at the stage of preparation of the technical specifications and is subsequently conducted in parallel with the engineering design. Already at the design stage, our architects, designers and engineers have an idea of the type, shape and size of the pool, the location of the auxiliary premises, the division of the internal space into functional zones, etc.

Development of the design project of the pool from Luxury Antonovich Design includes:

— collection of preliminary information, familiarization with the wishes of the customer, the creation of a common concept;

— development of a drawing with an indication of all sizes, exit points of communications, the location of embedded parts, the definition of functional areas;

— study of stylistic and color solutions, preliminary selection of materials for interior design;

— drawing up technical specifications based on all the data obtained;

— the choice of planning decisions;

— create a three-dimensional sketch;

— the final selection of materials, the elaboration of details of the design;

— preparation of a complete draft design;

— the creation of a working draft, in accordance with which the design concept of the pool will be implemented.


The project of a pool of a closed type from Luxury Antonovich Design is necessarily included in the general project of building a house, since such a reservoir is part of the building. It is much more complicated than the outdoor pool project. When designing it, you should take into account all available communications and buildings in the house.

The design of swimming pools in Dubai is a continuous moment of creative symbiosis of designers, architects, decorators and engineers of Luxury Antonovich Design Company, which in work brings satisfaction from the possibility to realize new authors ideas that are connected with the capabilities of the latest technologies. Luxury pools are becoming a favorite place in the house where its owners enjoy a healthy and rewarding holiday. Pool design is often complemented by additional creations such as hammams, saunas and cozy seating areas, as well as home elevators.

Interior designers of Luxury Antonovich Design apply a special approach to the choice of materials for the design of the pool area. Decorative gypsum is used with special operational properties. The design of the pool looks especially luxurious with mosaic panels that adorn the bottom. Lighting the interior of the pool combines both traditional chandeliers and modern lighting techniques. Additional lamps that are mounted in the pool bowl will make the water surface play with beautiful highlights.

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