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A pool is an engineering and hydraulic structure, which includes a bowl, equipment of filtration for water treatment, pumping equipment, which is necessary for recycling (changing and draining water), and a water heating system.

It can be unreal to find who did not think about building a swimming pool in his house or land. It is the best opportunity to swim, regardless of the season and weather conditions, always stay in a good shape and incomparable pleasure from taking water procedures.

Indoor pool is primarily intended for entertainment, swimming, and if it is equipped with rides — waterfalls, geysers, hydro massage, counter current (artificial current) — it becomes the center of attraction for the whole family and guests. The preparation of premises for the pool construction and the availability of free space is one of the main factors influencing the final decision of the construction and design. Luxury Antonovich Design Company has the latest knowledge in a sphere of swimming pool building and design. We use only newest technologies and high qualified building and finishing materials.


The important component of pool construction is the stylistic and design solutions and the implementation of which involves a design project of the pool. The design project of the pool includes:

— the entire amount of finishing materials;

— the additional equipment (fountains, waterfalls, geysers);

— interior (if the pool is located indoors) and exterior (if the pool is located outdoors) decor items;

— various kinds of garden (land) furniture and design of the surrounding territory, when the swimming pool is located in the street (patio places with fire pits, jacuzzi, rocks accents, exotic flowers and palm trees, paths to the house, etc.)

— decor elements (mosaic decoration, decorative columns, unusual and spectacular lighting, all kinds of carved, forged or molded elements).


Luxury Antonovich Design Company creates and provides the most stylish, qualified and unique swimming pool designs. The design project by Luxury Antonovich Design is:

— Preliminary visualization of the interior and exterior (helps the customer to adjust and form his vision and presentation of the future pool).

— Detailed specification of all materials, equipment, equipment, decor elements.

— Correctly calculated work phases.

— Clear time frames for the implementation of each phase of work and the timing of the implementation of the entire project design.

— Control of each stage, consumption of materials.

— The total final implementation of design in accordance with the expected results.

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