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Swimming Pool Design | Build in Riyadh


Swimming pools are grand and extravagant nowadays. The classy and premium floor plans are dwindling in popularity. As a result, Luxury Antonovich Design, Bulging Contractors in Riyadh, House, Villa & Swimming Pool, has ensured that if you want premium swimming pool interior decor, you should consider the following options: Choose a premium style. Choose a subject that is truly beautiful and timeless. Mixing and matching several themes can result in a jumbled appearance. Select a color that complements the theme. When it comes to being premium, color is key. You must think about your theme and the style you truly desire. Opt for high-end furniture. Furniture that is premium and beautiful will never go out of style. The companys Swimming pool renovation provides a large selection of gorgeous furnishings thanks to Luxury Antonovich Design, Bulging Contractors in Riyadh, House, Villa & Swimming Pool. You must consider the layout of your fit-out to get a beautiful fit-out. The idea of comfort and spaciousness has been incorporated into this pleasant swimming pool fit-out. There is enough space in the design to let you feel at ease. Along with it, theres the lovely and warm swimming pool fit-out, which completes the Swimming pool fit-outs general layout. The curve lines on the wall lend interest to the otherwise plain walls. The décor is also an excellent choice for adding a touch of elegance to the Swimming pool fit-out. The pleasant swimming pool fit-out is complemented with luxury furnishings, as seen in the images. Its magnificent design was created primarily to provide the ambiance of the space with a great look and feel.


The color combination of white is a lavish primary hue that creates a beautiful and chic fit-out. Its colors accentuate the elegance of luxury. Everything about this luxury fit-out in Saudi Arabia is geared to create a lovely environment for the customers, from the huge swimming pool to the spectacular plan. Elegant touches adorn every inch of the luxury property, leaving you speechless. For utmost elegance, the colors are two-toned with white and blue, and the beds are draped in white. The master swimming pool fit-outs are also great in their own right, with their classy and elegant color palettes. This is a true luxury design with all of the necessary features. The light accent design, with all of its glitz and opulence, gives the Swimming pool fit-out a sense of grandeur from every viewpoint. Every area of the space contains all of the necessary designs. The stylish and large fit-out was created to accommodate your nice Swimming pool fit-out. The doors, with their large, light design, are also a striking feature in the Swimming pool fit-out, serving as a good focal point.


Plants are frequently overlooked in fit-out, but Luxury Antonovich Design, Bulging Contractors in Riyadh, House, Villa & Swimming Pool, ensured that every angle of the Swimming pool fit-out is flawless and designed with class and elegance that is appropriate for your luxury apartment fit-out. The plain walls and simple lines are minimalist, but they nonetheless exude richness and opulence. The lovely details complement the stunning walls. Beautiful lights and luxurious designs hang above it, completing this Swimming pool fit-out. Having this luxurious swimming pool fit out to wake up to will definitely make your day. The magnificent design complements the luxurious swimming pools clean contemporary décor. The gray accents with straight lines are unique without being overpowering. The plants are also complementary to the gorgeous luxury swimming pool décor. Having a place like this every morning is a totally unique experience that you will undoubtedly enjoy. Every aspect has been meticulously considered by Luxury Antonovich Design.

Scope: Architecture & Interior Design

Project Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Plot Size: 4,500 sq. M

Built-up Area: 3,340 sq. M

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