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Home pool design


Any kind of swimming pool — indoor or outdoor — has millions of benefits. First of all — it is a year-round enjoyment, as well as the possibility to create a unique and interesting interior design of this particular place. This place can provide you with the space for regular exercise or relaxation, entertainment and social enteraction or even fun games. Just take a look at this amazing home pool design, you will love it.

The advantages of this beautiful home swimming pool, projected by our professionals of Luxury Antonovich Design are:

— All year access. Both, indoor and outdoor pools are great in summer time — after a real summer hit, swimming pool is a perfect way to refresh yourself and take a dip. But indoor swimming pool can present you year-round access in any weather and conditions.

— Free access from in your residence. You can easily walk from your kitchen, dining or leaving room straight to your amazing swimming pool even not leaving the house.

— Privacy. Your convenient and beautiful swimming pool is made just for you and your family members. No one could see you, bother you, or interrupt from your relaxing time at pool.

— Temperature control. This gorgeous home pool designed by Luxury Antonovich Design is equipped with a heating system, which allows to choose and control the temperature of water and air inside to suite your needs.

— Lack of need for weather proofing (no need to equip your pool with automatic pool covers, etc.)

— No chemical use (less chlorination and sanitization.). You control the use of chemicals by yourself. And your swimming pool is always sheltered from the direct sunlight.


The process of building an indoor swimming pool is a long and complex process, and it is very important to make things correctly and protect the building properly. Choosing right materials is number one task, because the building structures, walls and inventory could be damaged away by mold, rot and corrosion. What you need to remember...

1. Select the best right materials. (Natural stone, high quality ceramics, natural durable wood, cement; galvanized steel or aluminum)

2. Choose correct dehumidifier. (Condense dehumidifiers or ventilation dehumidifiers. On the type of dehumidifier that was chosen depends the temperature regulation.)

3. Find the perfect swimming furniture for the best interior design of your home pool. (Patio seatings, tables, chairs, cushion modular sections, slings).

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