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Interior design for Emaar Properties Apartment

This chic Art Nouveau luxury Emaar apartment is located in a tower in Dubai. Designed by architect Katrina Antonovich, it has a fantastic view of the city, and the interior adds sophistication and charm.

The living area is an example of luxury and impeccable interiors, in which details play a key role. Dominant shades of gray, white and beige are diluted with intense black. The glossy surfaces of the ceiling and floor, interior walls are predominant. In this way, designers visually added volume and extra depth to the image. The chic style of decor in the interior is fixed with rich textures, giving an amazing game of textures and halftones.

The original chandelier, represented by numerous pendants with amazing lampshades suspended on thin long cords, focuses on this zone. It fills the apartment with a soft and diffused radiance that forms a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. The floor surface in the home decor is tiled with glossy marble tiles and a beige tint palette that harmoniously fits into the overall style.

Modern kitchen is the embodiment of functionality without compromising the aesthetic appearance. Its main part is the cooking zone, here are all the necessary elements for comfortable cooking and in a convenient sequence, which continues to the counter and elegant chairs to match it. All objects are placed ergonomically and conveniently for the hostess. Light colors prevail in the color scheme, and mirror surfaces significantly soften their appearance. Just a few steps away is the dining area, which is designed not only for family members, but also for guests.

The bedroom decor is chosen in light and pastel colors, diluted with contrasting shades. Shiny gloss is perfectly combined with textile design, forming a cozy and harmonious atmosphere. The main rule that Luxury Antonovich Design designers adhered to is maximum unobtrusiveness and preserving the sensations of luxury.

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