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  • the exchange tower 501 -floor 5
    Business bay, Dubai
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Interior design Damac apartments

The design of this beautiful Damac apartment consists of a combination of details and elements that together form a calm and sophisticated look. Designer furniture and accessories from well-known brands complement an interesting palette of colors, ranging from impeccable white, coffee, gold and ending with deep gray. Many glossy surfaces complete the chic look and add a touch of preciousness.

Interest to this gorgeous apartment in Dubai is added by bright accents, colorful patterns and original plot paintings. Large windows are hidden behind blackout curtains, but despite their texture, they quite easily and organically fit into the atmosphere.

A muffled palette with juicy and saturated flashes, unobtrusive decor form the perfect harmony in the rooms, designed to relax from everyday fuss.

For the design of this luxury apartment, furniture with organic wood textures was used, and thanks to the refined upholstery from expensive fabrics of soft furniture, it stands out from other segments due to its surface. The focal point for the living and dining areas are the delightful chandeliers. The magnificent design in the form of domes and rings, as well as crystal suspensions is ideally suited to stylish furniture, its outer part is painted in gold color, and inside there is a beautiful spraying with a glamorous metallic tint.

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