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Finest Interior Design in Dubai Marina

Interior design in a modern style becomes an excellent opportunity to implement bold and daring ideas of talented designers from Antonovich Group. Each authors project has a strong personality, as well as the apartment design in Dubai. It combines all the projects and brings to works of the design studio Dubai some unique charm of elegance and intimate mood that is inherent in each project. Interior designers have told amazingly beautiful stories about the apartment interior. The great feeling of warmth of home comfort range is based on pleasant warm colors. It also enhances the feeling of wall decor made of wood of valuable species. To create a feeling of absolute comfort in the open space designers harmoniously combined the living room, dining room, and kitchen. The highlight of the apartment interior in Dubai has become an extraordinary ceiling decor. With ceiling decor designers zoned the space. The ceiling is divided into several niches of rectangular shape. Every niche is filled with ceilings of pale beige hue. The chandelier is in the form of a plurality of suspension elements visually as if floating in the air, creating a beautiful effect of lightness and weightlessness. Spacious kitchen as if dissolved in space, thanks to even laconic facades of pleasant gray shade. This laconism is successfully compensated with the marble floor with large elegant patterns. Apartment Design in Dubai reflects the combination of respectability, concise comfort, ergonomics, and functionality. Interior sets a pleasant feeling of warmth and a comfortable rest in an environment full of harmony.

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