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Apartment Interior Themes


Gray and turquoise is a good color combination for those who want an elegant ambiance for their apartment interior theme. In this beautiful creation by Luxury Antonovich Design; the company has created a calming and luxury interior design that is finished with gray and turquoise. The marble flooring in the hallway is very beautiful with its cool and interesting furniture design. The bedrooms are likewise turquoise with beautiful details. Along with it are luxury decor in the living and dining area. The clean white sofa with black and turquoise pillows is very beautiful to look at.


The bathroom however has a different look and feel it. Its interior design ambiance is more on the vintage luxury side with its brown color and intricate luxury patternn. The bathtub and toiled were placed strategically and the choice of the mirror is very luxurious with its sink that is one of a kind. It's the perfect bathroom if you want an interior design that has the vibe of the old centiury. A beautiful creation by Luxury Antonovich Design.

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