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Hotel Architecture and Landscape in Saudi Arabia| top Hospitality interior design project in Riyadh

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The United Arab Emirates is a seaside city that combines the beauty of traditional and historical influences with a futuristic and technological touch. Many of the citys high-end hotels are designed by Antonovich Group. Their UAE hotel designs span from the old to the modern and contemporary, with refined minimalistic accents. Antonovich Group business has established itself as the most sought-after architectural and design firm in the UAE, from basic designs to luxury hotels. They established the trends in hotel design, displaying the high-quality construction that is their design trademark.

A luxurious and spectacular interior hides behind the extravagant and attractive façade. Hotel design is an excellent approach to creating a warm and lavish setting. In our hotel, every tourist will enjoy royal luxury. And youll want to stay here again and again. The hotels design combines classical and Art Deco elements. Interior designers in Abu Dhabi paid great attention to the enormous halls interior. After all, the initial impression is dependent on the size of the hall. And it looks that this endeavor will not be forgotten. The vivid design of the hall is based on the use of contrasting colors. The ceiling is adorned with several symmetrical recesses with excellent lines and stunning crystal chandeliers.

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