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The magnificent interiors of the hotels designed by the Antonovich Group become a true oasis for travelers who value luxury and comfort. Offering our clients luxury interior design, we create a fashionable hotel interior that reflects the future of luxury. Hotels Design UAE artfully combines the perfect comfort and warmth of home comfort with breathtaking splendor, leaving no true connoisseurs of luxury indifferent. We design the hotels interiors, which are admired for their beauty. You will always want to return to these hotels to enjoy the pleasures of a luxury vacation.

The design of the authors hotels and inns emphasizes their respectability. It is a five-star design for the most ardent perfectionists. For those who can afford it. From the small-town inn to the grand hotel complexes on world-famous resorts. Our experience, talent, and professionalism ensure that each authors project shines brightly in the hotel industry. From innovative modern interiors to a respectable classical and elegant Art Deco, luxury hotels have it all. Our studios hotel design is a creation of a unique interior concept, which makes each project unique and recognizable. Hotels Design UAE is a broad concept that encompasses architectural design, interior design, and landscaping. We create perfect harmony for a relaxing and enjoyable stay. Our designers high-end hotel complexes are a source of pride not only for their owners but also for the cities in which they are located.

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