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Best Hotels in the World by Antonovich Group


The specificity of the design of the hotel lies in the fact that the interior determines not only the type of activity and style of the enterprise, but also creates its image, thereby helping to attract customers. The colorful decoration of hotels from Luxury Antonovich Design is the key to their popularity and profitability, since the first thing potential guests pay attention to is the interior.

The class of an institution determines the level of comfort, therefore, when developing the design of a hotel, this factor is considered to be among the first. Luxury hotel interiors require the use of high-quality exclusive materials and the embodiment of original ideas – from decorating elements with stucco, decorative plaster, and ending with the construction of multi-level structures. Today, the unique design of the hotel, original ideas, unusual handmade decor and a special atmosphere that is remembered by customers and forces them to book a room in their favorite hotel again and again is in fashion.


Luxury Antonovich Design offers design development for hotels anywhere in the world. Our team of professional architects and designers understand how important it is to create a single style that reflects the audience’s perception of comfort, so we are guided by many factors when designing a project. In the process of designing your hotel, we will take into account:

The specifics of the institution (luxury deluxe hotel, an exclusive boutique hotel, business apartments, etc.);

— Features of the layout (lofts, penthouses, rooms, apartments, etc.);

— Branding and color palette of the hotel chain;

— The location of the hotel (the historical part of the city or the area of new buildings impose its imprint on the atmosphere of the hotel);

— The original design idea (design in the Oriental style, in the Mediterranean or Japanese style - it all depends on your preferences).

Today, the oriental style in a modern interior is presented in four main directions. Luxury Antonovich Design architects suggest choosing one of these types:

Arabic direction;

Asian current;

option comes from India;

Moorish approach to design.

Each of these interiors has its own special design elements in oriental style and may be completely different from the others. The main task when creating a hotel project is to develop an integrated concept that defines the appearance of the hall with the reception area, rooms, restaurant and concert hall, floor fit-out and decoration.

When making a hotel design Luxury Antonovich Design tries to focus on sensual perception, the ability of the interior to cause a response emotion in the client. Today, simplicity and functionality, eco-friendly materials are appreciated, so we create a stylish and modern design of the hotel, reflecting the overall craving for naturalness and harmony.

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