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Boutique Hotel Interior Design


Gold is seen as a symbol of wealth. It is a hue that adds the most elegant to any item. Whether its furniture, decor, or a whole Hotel interior design in Riyadh, weve got you covered. This elegant luxury lobby Hotel interior design in Riyadh features a large wall decor with gold patterns, giving the space a one-of-a-kind feel. The elegant luxury wall décor is ideal for a luxurious lobby design. With a hint of modern Hotel interior design in Riyadh, the design and aesthetic are very classy. The gold accent can be seen on the opposite side of the room as well. The lines are really well-made and have an abstract appearance. The drapes are equally classy, allowing the magnificent wall decor to shine through. One of the key focus areas of current Hotel interior design in Riyadh is the concept of gold through walls and flooring. To complement the complexity and elegance of this modern Hotel interior design in Riyadh, Luxury Antonovich Design uses luxury materials finished in custom-made detailing. This lovely house design features a lobby full of glass and beauty. It has a premium feel to it, with a few gorgeous features thrown in for good measure. Its no surprise that many individuals prefer a premium modern Hotel interior design in Riyadh. This exquisite home was designed by Luxury Antonovich Design with the intention of using the best materials and furniture available in Riyadh.


The gold and dark gold, as well as the lovely green, are all complementary colors. The marble also adds to the top luxury lobby Hotel interior design in Riyadhs modern feel. The large chandelier that goes from side to side is one of the most astonishing characteristics of the lovely gloomy atmosphere. The draping gold color is certainly one-of-a-kind, and it looks absolutely wonderful in this top luxury lobby design. The lobby is spacious enough to relax in while working from home. The chair is on one side, and a sofa set with an attractive rack is on the other. The richness of the room arrangement is enhanced by the gorgeous interior hue. The deep green of the chairs is sophisticated, drawing attention to the fine furniture, while the soft details of the curtains exude elegance and softness, making it ideal for upgrading your luxury home décor and Hotel interior design in Riyadh. Green is a lovely color that looks great with cream and gold. It is the pinnacle of luxurious living, ideal for the wealthiest. This luxury home décor and Hotel interior design in Riyadh is for individuals who desire to decorate their apartments in a distinctive way. Green is a luxurious color that complements the opulence of luxury home decor and Hotel interior design in Riyadh.


Many people dream of having a soothing lobby Hotel interior design in Riyadh. Take inspiration from this stunning gold and cream decor, which was created for the neighborhoods most affluent residents! The lovely Hotel interior design in Riyadh features a spherical ceiling, which gives the chandelier a great focal point. Below it is a beautiful chair with a gold accent and chair that make this a wonderfully pleasant lobby Hotel interior design in Riyadh. The chair frame is one-of-a-kind as well, with a soft texture for added comfort. The curtains are thick, and a window with a view is meant to wake you up every day. The walls and flooring have been designed with such elegance and refinement. The patterns are lovely and circular, which complement the round-shaped ceiling perfectly. A magnificent table can be found on the other side of the room. With Luxury Antonovich Design, creating a soothing lobby Hotel interior design in Riyadh is simple. Their knowledgeable staff will assist you in achieving your ideal Hotel interior design in Riyadh in Riyadh. There are a variety of styles to fit your business, including this one!

Scope: Architecture & Interior Design

Project Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Plot Size: 2,960 sq. ft

Build Size: 1,768 sq. ft

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