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Luxury Hotel Design

Luxury and Comfort

Hotels, it is the most timeless effort to measure luxury. The Luxury Antonovich design has been one of the major contributors in this businesses success when it comes to luxury seven-star designs. This is the place where the effluent takes comfortable weekends and relaxing holidays. this is something that should be unique and elegant. Designed by creative minds the concepts in these hotels are brought to the public by the firm. They are one of the most prominent architecture firm to design for hotels today. Assisting every client with comprehensive and functional designs with artistic distinction as well. The agency is working hand in hand to bring out the best in these hotels. 

Bed and beyond

The things that people look for in a hotel is the design of the room and the comfortability and coziness that it give. The obsession among high-end hotels is often put into the bed that is being designed in the hotel room. It really comes down with the mattress. Whether it is too hard, or too soft. The Luxury Antonovich Design firm makes sure that the beds are high quality and same as the bed frame. There are contemporary rooms and there are deluxe rooms in which the designs are totally different, but the comfort that it gives are very much perfect. Sleep like a royalty with their amazing bed and cozy mattresses made of fine high-grade materials. 

Bath all you want

Every hotel room must have a shower and a tub combo. This hotel design specifically has a luxurious bathroom filled with elegant fixtures. This will be one of the main things that the people will look for. A good and clean bathroom that has complete amenities for them to use. 

Ample Outlets

The Luxury Antonovich Design agency made sure that these hotel rooms have enough outlets for the guests to plug in. It is one of the most important since it is difficult when there is only one outlet. They thought hard about the placements of these outlets to make the hotel room more functional and keep their guests have access to their gadgets especially for clients who are on a business trip or who are working remotely. 

Wine and Dine

Your hotel experience won't be complete without a great fine dining experience. The Luxury Antonovich Design makes sure that the hotels they build have amazing kitchens that have all the essential needs for a fine dining cooking. Matched with amazing dining delight experience. The firm makes sure that the seating capacity of the hotel is enough for the people who will check-in. The chosen furniture also matches the whole facade, but with the firm, quality and durability are important. It reflects the hotel's reputation so the firm makes sure that the furniture that is included in the hotel is for long-term. It's like an investment that needs to be budgeted well. The sanitation of the area is also important so even at the beginning it is all thought about to make your hotel dream design come true. 

A plunge in the fun

More often or not a pool is one of the best amenities in a hotel. You just want to dive into the cool waters and take a long swim for a relaxing feeling. Pools designed by the Luxury Antonovich Design is not just about a luxurious beauty but it is also safe, and anti-slip so kid and adults can enjoy without worrying about their safety. The designers work to accomplish different reasons. As simple as it may look, designing a pool is complex and only our top architects and engineers are the ones who truly understand the designs. The plumbing the tiles, and all other elements to build up this great facility is well thought about. 

Let us help you design your dream business and together, let's make it to the top!

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